Friday, March 10, 2023

Sunset on Banderas Bay, Mexico (Photo Credit: Lara Stoudt)
Ephesians 2:11-22 read by Mark Beingessner

Second Week in Lent, Friday, March 10, 2023

Ephesians 2:11-22

Loving Divine Family,

We enter your sacred prayer space seeking peace. We have been judgemental, placing ourselves in higher regard over others by race, ethnicity, gender, and beliefs. You instruct us to be quiet and listen. You tell us that peace is found only in community where you remove barriers and judgements, and we follow your ways. We will avoid creating new barriers by remaining with you and the community of the beloved.

Thank you for this holy time. Thank you Jesus Christ, for being our peace. Divine Family, you are the God of inclusion, not exclusion. You break down the barriers and remove the walls of hostility. Thank you, we partake in your love and work. Thank you for the gift of community.

I feel you breaking down my judgements today, O LORD, and thank you for…

Save us from ourselves. Give us ears to hear you, hearts to understand you, and wisdom to be like you. Give us the peace that can only come from relationship with you, so we may also be at peace with ourselves and each other.

With joy we praise you!


Cherie and Donovan Mutschler

Other Lectionary Readings for Today:
Exodus 16:9-21
Psalm 95:1-11

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