Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Second Week of Advent, Sunday, December 5, 2021

Luke 1:68-79
“Let us praise the Lord, the God of Israel,
    because [the Father] has come to help his people and has given them freedom.
[The Father] has given us a powerful Savior
    from the family of God’s servant David.
[The Father] said that he would do this
    through his holy prophets who lived long ago:
[The Father] promised he would save us from our enemies
    and from the power of all those who hate us.
[The Father] said he would give mercy to our ancestors
    and that he would remember his holy promise.
God promised Abraham, our father,
that [God] would save us from the power of our enemies
    so we could serve [God] without fear,
being holy and good before God as long as we live.

“Now you, child, will be called a prophet of the Most High God.
    You will go before the Lord to prepare [the] way.
You will make [God’s] people know that they will be saved
    by having their sins forgiven.
With the loving mercy of our God,
    a new day from heaven will dawn upon us.
It will shine on those who live in darkness,
    in the shadow of death.
It will guide us into the path of peace.”
(New Century Version (NCV))

Loving Divine Family,

We enter your holy prayer space today and feel your peaceful presence surrounding us. Life-giving Spirit wraps herself around us like a mother’s loving embrace. This embrace feels like home to us. To be in your presence is where we belong. As we gather together in this season, you tell us the stories of your promise to us. Your words calm us in spite of the storms of uncertainty around us.

O Faithful One, you never leave us and are searching for us. Thank you for showing your mercy to our ancestors and to us. Thank you for the people and creation showing us that we are loved and forgiven. Thank you for your faithfulness, the gift of faith, and for your breath as we journey to Bethlehem, the House of Bread.

I hear your promises to me today, Loving LORD, and thank you for…

Your promises fill us and warm our hearts from the harsh chill of this world. Loving Divine Family, we see your guiding light leading us in our journey and give thanks for how you erase the darkness as we go. You call us forward into the world beyond the threshold. As we rise to step on our path, we feel peace in your presence. We celebrate the journey before us.

With joy we praise you!


Cherie and Donovan Mutschler

Other Lectionary Readings for Today:
Malachi 3:1-4
Philippians 1:3-11
Luke 3:1-6

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