Sunday, September 25, 2022

Photo credit: Angel Ulriksen

Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost, September 25, 2022

1 Timothy 6:6-19 (New International Version) read by Connie and Mark Beingessner

1 Timothy 6:6-19

Loving Divine Family,

We enter your sacred prayer space, seeking quiet contemplation with you. You invite us to remove our shoes and our metal, for this is holy ground. You encourage us to close our minds to the treasures of mortal life and to see with your immortal understanding. You remind us to remember those who have gone before us and those who will follow; remember to take, give and receive honourably, because all we have is from you.

We, your people, want to bring you glory and honour. May we pursue righteousness, goodness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. Thank you for your generosity that is beyond all measure. May we follow your example and be generous to ourselves, with each other, and to creation.

I remember my calling to give and receive with honour today, Loving LORD, and thank you for…

We seek to be rich in good works. We will follow your wise teachings and trust in you to give us fresh wisdom each day, all we need, and more. We will give and receive honourably as we walk this path you have prepared for us.

With joy we praise you!


Cherie and Donovan Mutschler

Other Lectionary Readings for Today:
Psalm 146:1-10
Amos 6:1, 4-7
Luke 16:19-31

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