Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Double rainbow, Saskatchewan (Photo Credit: Lara Stoudt)
“Daniel 3:19-30 (The Message)” by Mark Beingessner.

Twenty-first Week of Ordinary Time, Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Daniel 3:19-30

Loving Divine Family,

We enter your sacred prayer space to be refined by your perfect presence. Who is like you? Only you can protect us from the flaming arrows of those who rise against you. Only you can make wars cease. Only you can protect us from those who wish to harm us. Draw near to us in our time of distress.

O Loving Yahweh, no one is like you. Thank you, your ways are not our ways. When all things seem hopeless, you help us, and raise us up. Merciful, gracious God, thank you;we are a gift from you. May our lives be a reflection of you and your love.

I walk protected in your presence today, Yahweh M’kaddesh (The LORD Who Makes Holy), and thank you for…

Purify us, LORD. When we walk through the fire, journey with us and teach us your perfect ways. Present us as holy, unharmed, and chosen by you, so all who see and hear will know that you are God, the Creator of all things.

With joy we praise you!


Cherie and Donovan Mutschler

Other Lectionary Readings for Today:
Psalm 98
Revelation 18:21-24

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