Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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Fifth Week in Lent, Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Habakkuk 3:2-15
LORD, I have heard the news about you;
    I am amazed at what you have done.
LORD, do great things once again in our time;
    make those things happen again in our own days.
Even when you are angry,
    remember to be kind.

God is coming from Teman;
    the Holy One comes from Mount Paran.


[The LORD’s] glory covers the skies,
    and [the LORD’s] praise fills the earth.
[God] is like a bright light.
    Rays of light shine from [the LORD’s] hand,
    and there [God] hides [God’s] power.
Sickness goes before [God],
    and disease follows behind [God].
[God] stands and shakes the earth.
    [God] looks, and the nations shake with fear.
The mountains, which stood for ages, break into pieces;
    the old hills fall down.
    God has always done this.

I saw that the tents of Cushan were in trouble
    and that the tents of Midian trembled.
LORD, were you angry at the rivers,
    or were you angry at the streams?
Were you angry with the sea
    when you rode your horses and chariots of victory?
You uncovered your bow
    and commanded many arrows to be brought to you.


You split the earth with rivers.
The mountains saw you and shook with fear.
The rushing water flowed.
    The sea made a loud noise,
    and its waves rose high.
The sun and moon stood still in the sky;
    they stopped when they saw the flash of your flying arrows
    and the gleam of your shining spear.
In anger you marched on the earth;
    in anger you punished the nations.
You came out to save your people,
    to save your chosen one.
You crushed the leader of the wicked ones
    and took everything he had, from head to toe.


With the enemy’s own spear you stabbed the leader of his army.
    His soldiers rushed out like a storm to scatter us.
They were happy
    as they were robbing the poor people in secret.
But you marched through the sea with your horses,
    stirring the great waters.
(New Century Version (NCV))

Loving Divine Family,

We gather in your sacred prayer space to hear the ancient and not-so-ancient stories of your wondrous miracles once again. You tell us stories of the way you walked with our ancestors. All creation responds to you. Wind blows, water flows, the earth shakes, and the heavens rejoice. Your ways are so mysterious and wonderful.

Loving Yahweh, we are amazed as we hear of your mighty deeds. You care and provide for your children. Thank you, the stories were not just for those who lived during the bible times, but these are our stories, as well. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for providing for our ancestors, for being with us in the present moment, and for being with the next generation.

I accept your invitation to join your mystery today, LORD, and thank you for…

Let your love be known throughout the heavens, LORD. Let the message of your miracles travel on the wind and be spoken in many lands and languages. Bless these days and all who walk under your eternal canopy of grace, mercy, and love.

With joy we praise you!


Cherie and Donovan Mutschler

Other Lectionary Readings for Today:
Psalm 20:1-9
Luke 18:31-34

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