Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Rime frost crystal, Saskatchewan (Photo Credit: Lara Stoudt)
Matthew 12:15-21 read by Mark Beingessner

First Week after Epiphany, Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Matthew 12:15-21

Loving Divine Family,

We enter your sacred prayer space, following you and seeking your healing. If not for ourselves, we desire to be observers of your miracles of healing in others. Your healing is amazing every time. Everyone you touch receives your healing, and you send them out, fresh and new. But we ponder so many of these experiences. How can we tell the stories of these miracles? We struggle to find the words.

Thank you, Jesus, Son of God, for healing us. Thank you for showing us how to speak words of blessings, and how to bring about God’s plan without quarrelling. We place our hope in you. 

I receive your healing touch and the words to tell your story today, O LORD, and thank you for…

Just the edge of your garment, LORD. If we can only find the courage to approach you, you promise to draw close to us. Give us strength to reach out to you, so you can heal us. You know our hearts. Complete your healing within each of us, O LORD.

With joy we praise you!


Cherie and Donovan Mutschler

Other Lectionary Readings for Today:
Psalm 89:5-37
Isaiah 51:1-16

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